Videos: Eating and Drinking – Cerebral Palsy

Below is a selection of videos illustrating how to support children with cerebral palsy at mealtimes. Further videos will be added to complete the set in due course.

They have been produced by Sangath, in collaboration with MAITS.

These videos were created for the INFORM* mHealth platform being developed to support families of children with disabilities. The INFORM project is being led by Sangath, a community based non-governmental organization (NGO) in Goa. The project has been funded by Grand Challenges Canada and co-funded by Innovgreen Disable Foundation Limited.

The content of the videos was developed with support from MAITS(Multi-Agency International Training and Support) and the visuals were created by ZMQ Technologies Private Ltd., Gurgaon.

Contributions are acknowledged from Vivek Vajaratkar (Porject Lead), Dr Gauri Divan, Dr Mel Adams, Tina Gericke, Helen Ribchester, Jessie Frost, Christine Hennigan, Dr Suresh Munnaswamy, Subhi Quereshi, the families who took part and the authors of the MAITSGuide for Community Health Workers.

*(ImproviNg Functional Outcomes for childRen with iMpairments)

Children with mild and moderate difficulties

Children with severe difficulties