Organisational Partnerships

Are you seeking to enhance your organisation's capability to address disabilities within your community? Look no further than partnering with MAITS! As an organisational partner, you gain access to invaluable training resources tailored to empower your staff and enrich their professional development. Whether you're eager to upskill your team or provide continuous learning opportunities, MAITS offers a platform for growth and collaboration. Our partnerships with not-for-profit organisations ensure sustained support and impact within local communities, fostering inclusive environments and building capacity for long-term success. Register with MAITS today and unlock a world of opportunities for organisational growth and community empowerment.

We expect the following of our partners:

  • Service Provision: Your organisation should actively provide services to individuals with disabilities, demonstrating a commitment to improving their well-being and quality of life.
  • Not-for-profit Status: Your organisation must be registered as a not-for-profit entity, aligning with our mission to support initiatives driven by social impact rather than profit.
  • Registration Certificates: You should be able to provide valid registration certificates confirming your organisation's legal status and adherence to regulatory requirements.
  • Financial Submissions: Your organisation should be capable of providing financial submissions, demonstrating transparency and accountability in your operations and resource management.
  • Center for Excellence: Your organisation should either be recognised as a center for excellence in disability services or show a clear trajectory towards achieving such acknowledgment. This involves demonstrating exceptional standards of service delivery, innovation, and impact within your field.

To become a partner, register or contact us at for any queries.