Grant Application to Attend Training

Grant Assessment Criteria

Your application will be assessed according to how well it complies with the following:

  • 1) The training will directly enhance the service delivered by your organisation and is undertaken with the support of your organisation.
  • 2) The knowledge and skills learnt will be shared with others.
Grant Conditions
  • 1) The training has been organised by MAITS or involves MAITS trainers.
  • 2) You can provide proof that you have been accepted as a participant of the training course, if required.
  • 3) Upon completion, you will provide MAITS with a report of the training and your plans for cascading your knowledge, using the MAITS’ form provided.
  • 4) Receipts will be provided to MAITS in order to claim back any expenses previously agreed by MAITS.
  • 5) Expenses will only be reimbursed on receipt of the report, expenses claim form and receipts. MAITS assumes that all successful grant applicants will stay informed of any risks of travelling to the host location.
By submitting this application, you agree that MAITS accepts no liability towards yourself (the grant recipient) or the Host organisation.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can work together – please contact for more information.