**Our grant applications for 2019-2020 are open! Deadline Sunday 15th December 2019!**

If you or anyone you know is interested in volunteering for MAITS, to share your skills with those caring for people with developmental disabilities, it couldn’t be easier.

MAITS helps to facilitate training projects in developing countries. This year our work has included:

A special educational needs educator trained 116 teachers, parents and students at a centre for children with autism in Kathmandu, Nepal.

A speech and language therapist trained 26 graduate speech and language therapists at the University of Ghana.

Our award-winning trainers taught 12 community health workers to build affordable and adaptable rehabilitation therapy equipment from paper and card in Bangladesh.

How it works:

MAITS offers a modest contribution towards training programmes, to cover the costs of your travel and accommodation.

There are a few ways you can get involved:

  1. If you are already registered as a MAITS volunteer and you have an organisation that would like to receive training in mind, please fill out the Grant to Provide Training form by clicking here and submit to The deadline for applying for grants is Sunday 15th December 2019.
  2. If you are a specialist in neuro-developmental disabilities (either in healthcare, mental health or education) and you meet the following criteria, you can to register as a volunteer:

* You have a least 4 years post-qualification experience
* You have some experience in developing countries
* You have previous training or teaching experience

Once you are registered, we can match you up with an organisation that is seeking training in your field.

For more information, you can e-mail us on to arrange to have a chat or register at