Supporting Children with Disabilities in Pakistan


MAITS has been selected for the GlobalGiving Programme!  This is our first ever crowd-funding campaign. Support our programme to ensure that children with disabilities and their families receive support from trained Community Workers in their own homes in Sindh District in Pakistan.

Many children with disabilities are not able to go to school or receive basic health services and due to the stigma surrounding disability in many countries, many families feel a sense of loneliness as they face these difficulties alone. Lady Health Workers operate all over Pakistan, visiting and supporting families, but they do not have disability training. Our programme trains Lady Health Workers and provides guides and support that can be shared with parents of children with disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy and Autism, reaching some of the most vulnerable and excluded children in the world.  The project is sustainable as we equip local Lady Health Workers who work through local government and charities with the skills to support children with disabilities and their families.  They will also be taught how and when to signpost to specialist services when children have more complex needs. Qualified therapists at local charities and university hospitals are providing supervision to the Lady Health Workers, as part of their normal jobs.


This project will be reaching some of the most marginalised children in the world and will help them to receive support within their own homes. The target is to raise £9,983 and we have currently raised £5,472 thanks to 48 donors. 

Any donations made through direct debit will count as two donors, and your first donation will be matched by GlobalGiving!

Please spread the word and follow our Facebook page (MAITS.Charity) and Twitter page (MAITS_Charity) for updates. For more information and to donate, visit the GlobalGiving project page at