1st South Asia cleft lip/palate conference

As always, MAITS is trying to help people around the world to connect with one another, in order to strengthen services for individuals with disabilities and/or mental health challenges.

In September of this year, MAITS helped to fund the first cleft lip/palate conference in South Asia, which was held in Sri Lanka, and organised by one of our trainers, Himali de Silva. This was extremely well attended by professionals from across the region, both presenters and delegates alike.

 “5 nationalities on a single mission!! I have yet to meet a group of such enthusiastic SLTs, so passionate about the profession! I feel richer, stronger and happier after having met all the most wonderful people over the last 5 days. Kudos to Himali for having invited us from the region.”  Said by one of the senior Pakistani delegates at the Sri Lanka conference in a Facebook conversation with people she had met there.