MAITS Visited Pakistan

MAITS held its first introductory meeting in Pakistan on 19th September 2016 which was attended by 29 guests from 15 different organisations in Pakistan. The guests included Physiotherapists, Speech and Language Therapists, Paediatricians, Psychologists.

The event was hosted by Sadia Mirza & Melanie Adams of MAITS at the Rangoonwala Community Centre.

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Many thanks to the following organisations for their co-operation with MAITS:

Rangoonwala Trust, Banu Bai Physiotherapy Centre, Agha Khan University, V.M.P School, ACELP, DEWA Academy, Basic Needs Pakistan, Darul Sukoon, Agha Khan Social Welfare, Diya Foundation, Karwan-e-Hayat, Moonlight Foundation School for Inclusive Education, JS Academy, Pakistan