Grants to Attend Training


Your application will be assessed according to how well it complies with the following:

  • The training will directly enhance the service delivered by your organisation and is undertaken with the support of your organisation.
  • The knowledge and skills learnt will be shared with others.
  • The training has been organized by MAITS or involves MAITS trainers.
  • You can provide proof of acceptance on the training course.
  • Upon completion, you will provide MAITS with a report of the training and your plans for cascading your knowledge, using the MAITS form provided.
  • Receipts are provided to MAITS in order to claim back any expenses previously agreed by MAITS.
  • Expenses will only be reimbursed on receipt of the report, expenses claim form and receipts.
  • Acknowledgement of MAITS’ contribution should be given when reporting to others on the training received.

Successful applicants will be required to go through MAITS due diligence and documentation which is explained in MAITS Trainee’s Handbook


For first-time applicants, you will need to register here. If you wish to talk to someone first before applying, you can contact us on or by calling +4420 7 258 8443.

Once your profile has been reviewed and activated by MAITS, you will need to complete an application form for a grant to attend training and submit to Grants are paid once the training has been completed and the required paperwork submitted.

If you have previously registered with MAITS then please directly proceed with filing the grant application form.

MAITS expects all grant recipients to acknowledge MAITS’ contribution when reporting to others on the training given/received and organisations should provide information about the training, acknowledging MAITS on their website.