Opportunities: Other Agencies

YellowHouse is advertising for a paid SLT position in Kenya, min 2 years:

Please see the following link for details http://chanceforchildhood.org/job/speech-and-language-therapist-overseas-placement/



OIC is advertising for a paid SLT coordinator position in Cambodia:

Dear friend of OIC,

2016 is a new year, and we’re building on our small but committed team by adding some new team members. You can help us get that one step closer to making speech therapy available to everyone in Cambodia, and locally led, by taking just 2 minutes to spread the word on this job.

The Speech Therapy Coordinator is a key position to ensure our work is guided by the right technical principles. Based in Phnom Penh, the successful candidate will coordinate the technical aspects of our work.

This is a speech therapy job with a twist. Rather than someone to come over for a short period of time, we’re looking for someone to stick it out in-country, coordinating training and volunteers, and helping local people understand what speech therapy is. The person will be one of less than 10 speech therapists in the entire country. That’s an exclusive club!

Please spend a couple of minutes thinking about who you could spread this job ad to, and then send it on.


Thanks so much!