Treasurer of MAITS

Job Title: Trustee For MAITS

Location: The role is London-based although the candidate does not have to live in London

Role and Responsibilities:

The role of the Trustee is to assist with the oversight and governance of the charity in accordance with its Memorandum and Articles of Association and to ensure compliance with the guidelines issued by the Charity Commission.  The role will also be to assist and advise management to ensure the effective operation of the charity ensuring it works effectively towards its vision and mission, harnessing its resources to maximum effect and upholding its core ethos and values and fulfilling a duty of care and to monitor that the deployment of funds is efficient and effective.

Type of person needed and expected level of experience:

MAITS is looking for a new Trustee with accountancy experience at a senior level, preferably with previous charity experience to join our small board of trustees and preferably someone who has a good network within the charity and donor sectors.  A person who has knowledge and experience of disability and an affinity with the ethos of our organisation would be advantageous and with the ability and drive to help move the organisation forward.

Time Commitment:

Trustees will be expected to attend quarterly board meetings in central London and to participate in additional meetings and conference calls, as well as regular e-mail communication.

Organisation’s profile:

We work with and help some of the most marginalised people globally –those with disabilities living in some of the poorest countries in the world.  There are 150 million children living with a disability and of these the majority live in developing countries.

Since 2011, we have provided training to 4675 staff working in the disability sector in 21 countries and helped over 600,000 individuals living with disabilities. The people we have trained include therapists, nurses, special educators, staff working in children’s homes and community health workers.

Part of our work involves providing training at the grass roots level, to community health workers and care staff, on conditions such as cerebral palsy, autism and learning disabilities to enable early identification, referral to specialists where possible and the provision of home support to promote development and independence, using training packages and tools we have developed specifically.

Some of our training can be life-saving, especially in the case of infants and children with feeding difficulties, which often leads to malnutrition, severe respiratory problems and early mortality. With the right training, these consequences can be dramatically reduced, improving the child’s quality of life and their life expectancy. MAITS’ specialists have developed and delivered training and resources for healthcare staff to address this issue, both in children and infants, the latter at the request of medical colleagues working on measures to prevent infant mortality. Our training also provides other innovative solutions to improving the lives of those with disabilities.

Our trainers provide follow up and remote support where needed to ensure the training has ongoing impact.

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or Esther Hamilton, CEO