APT Training at National Institute for the Blind, India (Oct-Nov 2018)

Kashmira Medhekar along with her colleague Shirley Warren conducted a workshop based on Appropriate Paper Technology for over 4 days at the National Association for the Blind, India. The basics of APT to make positioning equipment were taught to a group of 14 teachers from NAB from different cities across India. Community workers from Orissa, Varnasi, and Lukhnow have 8 children each on their caseload. Community Worker Poonam Singh from Uttar Pradesh has 20 children on her caseload. NAB Mumbai has 110 children on their caseload which makes a total of 174 children who will potentially benefit from the training that was delivered by MAITS trainers. We aim that a further 30 to 40 children shall be able to receive positioning equipment if the trainees from out skirts of Mumbai are successful in passing on their new skills and knowledge in APT to their colleagues.

APT Training NAB, India

In May 2017, the APT training conducted by our trainers at NAB demonstrated taking measurements of a chair and standing frame and trained community workers in transferring measurements onto the cardboard and making a chair, standing frame, corner seat and a few toys. MAITS trainers aim to continue their support to NAB by organisation a further workshop next year where community workers and families will be invited to help make own equipment.

So far, we have received excellent response and feedback.  Our trainers left India with a feeling of a job well done. Trainees are now expected to continue to practice new skills learnt and liaise with Kashmira and Shirley for any support required.