Working with Infants with Feeding Difficulties – A Training Programme

In developing countries, 50% of babies born at 32 weeks die due to lack of support, including support to breastfeed.

MAITS, with the support of feeding experts has developed a simple, training programme aimed at improving the knowledge and skills of healthcare professionals to support breastfeeding and nutrition in infants struggling to feed due to issues related to prematurity, low birthweight or underlying disability. It can be taught as a stand-alone programme or as a supplement to regular breastfeeding training programmes.

This programme has been developed to address a global gap in the training of healthcare staff working with infants in developing countries.

This training programme can only be delivered by highly experienced and qualified neonatal care unit personnel.

This course is for healthcare professionals who are:

  • Working in facilities that care for newborn infants who need specialist support (e.g., Neonatal Unit / Special Care Unit).
  • Have a role in regularly supporting infants to breastfeed in these settings.

If you would like to use or receive training on this package, then please contact